Monday, 11 October 2010

Update after a break.

I finally managed to get rid of the bulky leather suitcase which was taking up space next to my side of the bed, some curtain fabric I decided not to use and an antique paper knife which I had nowhere to store but my windowsill, lol.  Anyway, I had an Ebay week and ended up having to have help to go to the post office because some of the parcels were heavy or bulky (wah, all that space I feed up!) I put another charity bag out with a few bits in and of course my packaging pile for ebay has got smaller too.

I haven't blogged recently because, believe it or not I have been doubting my ability to do this - I mean to live more simply.  My urges to go out and buy or acquire things are very strong and although I'm aware that I'm sabbotaging my efforts sometimes I can't always stop myself.  Mostly, I try to buy consumables, things I'll use up so they won't become stuck in my space, or I'll use the one in one out policy (if something comes into the house then something similar must be let go of).  Or I'll buy more due to there having been natural wastage e.g. clothes or shoes wearing out and needing replacing.  I buy books if I need to but I'm fairly careful to get them out of the house once I've finished with them, they are great dust gatherers and I don't have time to read a lot of books.

My comfort buying urges also have underlying causes of course.  Recently my teenage daughter has been very challenging, causing regular stress over how loud other family members have the tv (we all keep it very low) and throwing tantrums at the meal table over eating noises which she says she has a phobia about.  My mind is also full of thinking about applying for the next stage of counselling courses which would be a big committment.

No, I haven't totally let go or ruined my decluttering efforts of this year but I'm aware that it's not just the stuff I'm having to work with, it's also myself.  After all it was me who got me in the mess I'm in today.  Just me.