Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Side of the Bed and a Peek in my Drawers

Here is my bed side area and top drawer.  A few months back the chest of drawers was dusty, crowded with soft toys and books with all sorts of stuff on the floor in front of it and in the drawers.  I still have a problem or two to sort out and if the camera was pointing in the opposite direction it would tell a different story, but I'm proud of this space I've cleared in my life through simplifying and decluttering.  I sorted out the top drawer by emptying it out, vacuuming it, lining it with a lovely scented drawer liner I bought at a car boot sale (people never seem to get around to using these and yet they look and smell great every time you open the drawer!) and replacing only what I use regularly.  It used to contain old cassette tapes I didn't listen to and books I didn't like but thought I ought to read.  The middle drawer used to house my financial papers and school letters and certificates.  I made room in our study for these by getting rid of books no longer used and now it has become a drawer where I keep my latest knitting projects. I like to knit when I am relaxing so it's good to have them to hand. In the bottom drawer I keep nightwear - I have far too much but I'm working on that.  I've sold two kimonos on Ebay today and at least now the rest will fit nicely into the drawer.  My radio is a much loved object, I listen to it at night when I am going off to sleep.  The vintage basket on the floor contains what I have sold this week on Ebay.  And that's about it really.  I'd love some comments and more followers, is there anybody out there?

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