Monday, 6 September 2010

Thoughts on a Rainy Evening

I took three parcels to the post office and will be taking three more as soon as the buyers have paid up.  There are, of course, always incoming things like the knitting patterns for instance and new school clothes for Zoe.  I am choosing not to view knitting patterns as clutter.  For one thing they have a use and thankfully take up very little room.  Even so, I will look through my patterns and give away or sell any I don't want anymore.  I do try to operate the one in, one out policy in the house so that it doesn't silt up with stuff.  Zoe's wardrobe needs a sort through so that the old school uniform can be outgoing either to fabric recycling or to charity.  There are only really a few pockets of wild clutter left in the house - the untamed stuff which lies about with no fixed abode.  Although of course I'm not counting the loft which is groaning with 16 years of  toys.  These days I'm verrry careful what we put up there as I know I'm only storing up problems for later.

We have had a lot of rain here this evening, I can hear it pouring down even now.  Cherry is feeling anxious as she is starting college tomorrow.  I have just dyed her hair and earlier bought her some new false eye lashes.

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