Thursday, 2 September 2010

An Ebay Week

It's been such lovely drying weather I stripped off the covers of our sofas and chairs and ran them through the washing machine as my official washing day had freed up line space for the rest of the week.

I've been focusing on my Ebay sales and I managed to list another couple of things yesterday.  At the moment the house isn't emptying out as fast as I would like and in fact a couple of people have brought us things!  My neighbour was clearing out his own space and knocked on the door with a stack of paper which he couldn't bear to throw away and he thought the girls could use it.  My heart sank because I had had a thorough sort out of old notebooks and paper but I didn't make a fuss, at least it's "consumable".  Then my best friend left an electric guitar and amplifier for my eldest to have a go with but we couldn't get it working and it is now sitting propped up by my bedroom door ready to be tripped over.  And last night in the middle of the night there was a loud thud which woke us up, it was my leather suitcase plus my clothes stacked on top falling over onto the floor having finally toppled under its own weight.  I need another surge of decluttering power now and it will come, it always does.

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