Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Holiday

I've just got back from a week away on holiday where I was able to put myself to the test by trying to live more simply and take as little as possible with me.  This was a challenge as Cornwall can be hot but then again. . . it can be very cold so I took a holdall full of clothes to suit either extreme and various options in between.

I did a lot of thinking whilst away and found myself really tested when it came to trying not to shop for the usual sort of things I want on holiday: jewellery, books, soap, clothes.  Without shopping I found I was able to relax more as there was more time to just be. I took in much more of the world too: I became one of those people who sit and watch other people, it was fascinating.  I slept, took baths, did some watercolour painting and walked.  On Friday I was severely tested as it was the last opportunity to buy holiday crap until next year but I thought about all the hard work I'd been doing at home to clear up my life and feel better and I said no to myself. 

The time away has taught me that becoming minimalist involves a period of withdrawal and it takes effort to change long established habits.  I grew up in a "let's buy stuff" atmosphere and I will have to stay focused in order to teach myself how to be free.

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