Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Make Up Update

My minimal make up and antique hand mirror
Bare faced simplicity
My holiday from make up a couple of weeks ago has really had an effect on me.  It has broken the make up habit in that I have days now where I wear very little and I don't rush to put it on now in case somebody comes to the door and I'm not ready to face them.  This is a mini triumph for me as I have really felt enslaved by the stuff.  Now I feel i'm choosing to put some on but I don't always want to.  I grew up in the sixties watching my older sister plaster make up on her face.  The look was very much of the times and great fun.  These days I'm fascinated by the teens of the moment enslaved by that edgy punk meets gothic look which seems to take such a lot of time to put together.  I long for simpler, more straight forward times.  Bare faced women with natural colour hair and all the interest of freckles and uneven skin tone. The actress Karen Gillan (Dr Who) has such lovely freckles.

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