Thursday, 5 August 2010

No More Chaos

Oh my goodness it's been an emotional week but I have really made headway.  There have been two charity collections over the past two days and I have hyperventillated with panic each time because I've put out lots of my emotional stuff for them.  Each collection contains more and more difficult things to let go of because of course I had put the easy items out first.  Today I let go of a large teddy my mother and sister brought back from their holiday one year.  It was hand made in Cornwall but so big and I always seemed to have it floating about taking up surface, chair or bed space.  Next to go were several Beswick horses I collected as a child.  I'm just not a horsey person but I used to love books about them when I was 10.  They became dust traps and, again, there was nowhere really for them.  I have also cut my jewellery right back.  I own some very nice silver which I have collected over the years, a little gold, but I also had quite a lot of cheap boutique type bangles and necklaces.  I have vowed to wear my proper jewellery and have only kept one or two sets of beads.  I ditched a job lot of pomanders I'd got from the household recycling centre - about 50 of them.

The house is taking on an air of organisation and well, a kind of peace.  When I open my drawers they are clear with only my current things in them.  It's starting to feel the way it does when I'm on holiday with just a few things with me.  I have no intention of making the house completely bare, I will keep some nice things but NO MORE CHAOS AND STRESS.  I told my daughter the other day "when your things get on top of you that's the time to get on top of your things" and that made her smile.

The interesting thing is, although my emotionally charged items have gone, I'm fine.  In fact I feel a sense of real triumph because I'm going to live in a simple home and I'm going to live mindfully.

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