Thursday, 19 August 2010

Letting go of Childhood

I'm trying to do a bit each day and let go of all things that don't feel good for me as I am now.  I feel my progress is slow compared to some days in the last few weeks when I was able to let go of sacks of stuff but at the moment my attachment to my childhood is slowing me up.  For instance, in the picture is a paperback book which survives from the 1960s and I drew in it as a little girl so many of the pages have interesting portraits of family members.  I don't really want yet another book taking up space but the pictures make it special.  What I'm finding is that with an object like that I need time so that I can be ready and reach a point where I feel safe in the knowledge that the world won't stop if I don't own the physical item.

What I'm learning is that I do own the memories and the experiences and that can be enough for my sense of identity and security.  If it has to be the physical objects too that I own then there are many things with my imprint on that I would have to house and look after and this isn't practical.

Some things I've been working through today

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