Monday, 23 August 2010

A One Book Fantasy

I got rid of one more handbag but had more success with some books I keep in a box under my side of the bed: I put ten in the charity bag but there are still a lot more left in the box.  The box is meant to be a holding place for books I plan to read but because it contains so many I feel put off.  Some how reading becomes a chore, a bit like eating a fairy cake whilst sitting next to a whole mountain of fairy cakes.  Whilst thinking about my books (the rest of the house is full of them too) I imagined having just one book.  Maybe I wouldn't even own that book, it could be from the library or on loan from a friend.  I could have bought it and it could be mine for a while but there would only be one sitting on my bedside waiting to be read.  There would be no other pressure or distraction because that would be what I was reading.........Would I not enjoy that book far more than all the hundreds I currently own?

Charlie Brooker in The Guardian article about too much stuff.


  1. I really struggle to get rid of books, they are the one thing I cling to 'just in case'. I feel like I am throwing out the potential to learn something. I have made progress recently though and have even managed to get rid of old university books that I will never use again.

    I like checking in on your progress, you make me look around my house and think 'I don't need that!'.

  2. Aurora thank you for your comment it's much appreciated. The only way I can deal with my book problem is to chip away at it! I'm pleased to share my experiences especially if it helps. x